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What's New?

February 23, 2010 - I did not expect the site to get hit as hard as it did on the first full day in production. I either underestimated the number of Jeff Atwood followers, or I overestimated my ability to write a scalable app.

In any case, my Google App Engine Dashboard said I was at about 77% of my daily CPU quota, and actually advised me to "optimize" one particular script. I was kind of hoping to make no updates to the site for the first few months, because hey it's working. But you guys weren't about to let that happen...

A couple scripts are taking up most of my CPU time, the worst being the one to view comments. The likely causes are database reads and iterating through the results. So I moved the comments off the front page except for a few really nice ones that I left in as static text. I also filtered the comments to only show the 20 most recent. I'm not trying to censor anyone, I'm just trying to save CPU cycles.

I also took care of a typo on the coding page, and removed those annoying "Sending..." and "Receiving..." statuses under the text boxes. Thanks all for the feedback. As for the enhancements, I'll keep them in mind. I specifically wanted to keep the app very light and quick to start up without authentication. The most useful new feature I'm considering is to allow the interviewer to push an assignment/exercise to the interviewee. Thanks for that suggestion, Dan O.

Rand M. Dude asked for fixed-width fonts. I'm assuming he meant inside the text boxes, which is the only place I think it matters. Well, Mr. Dude, you got it. Safari, bleh!

If all goes OK, I don't plan on making any changes for a while. Just hoping it gets some good use out there. Good luck hiring!